Hiya!  How’s it going?

Me? I’m doing good, could be better, but considering everything, not so bad.

Well, what’s happening?

What’s happening? You really want to know?  Okay, here goes.  Lot’s, let me say it again, lot’s of stuff has happened to me since my last post.  Many amazing and wonderful, some not so great. So, let’s get started.

1. Diabetes. As some of you may know, I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes last year. Well, let me clarify. I self-diagnosed high-blood glucose last April-May. I began to notice tell-tale signs; constant thirst, frequent urination, blurry vision, tingling fingertips/extremities, and VERY rapid weight loss for me. I lost 11 lbs in August 2011, and more rapidly after that. Not that I was disappointed with this,  not at all. The other symptoms; I definitely didn’t enjoy them, not at all.

First, I was thirsty all the time. Now, I’m also in menopause, so being thirsty is nothing new.  I was drinking 1-2 gallons of cold as ice water every day, in less than 12 hours; so I knew that something is going wrong with my body.  This also resulted in my naturally needing to pee CONSTANTLY, and I really do mean going to the bathroom all the time. I thought I was going to need to start wearing depends I had to go so often.  Sometimes I barely made it so  I had to go the bathroom proactively.  Since I knew I was going to have to go anyway, I mind as well go at least every 30-45 minutes.  Can you imagine what that felt like? During the day I managed. I ate a lot of ice, and explained my situation to my boss.  At night, well that’s another thing all together. Some of you get up and pee in the middle of the night without waking up, but when you’re going 4, 5 6 times in less than an 8 hr time frame; I started to come apart at the seams from lack of good sleep. I really couldn’t figure out how to change this, so I let it run its course.

I bought myself one of the blood glucose set-ups from my local drugstore, and continued to test myself as I tried to figure out what I should and could do about it since I didn’t have any health insurance.

Next, which for me was probably the most frightening of all the symptoms, was the blurry vision.  My family has a history of diabetes. My grandfather was diagnosed in his 60’s, my Mom in her 50’s, my sister in her 30’s, and I, in my 40’s.  We all have or had deteriorating eyesight; can you say blind as a bat. When I turned 40 my father gave me Lasik eye surgery as the next 10 years worth of birthday/Xmas presents.  It is, by far, one of the best gift that I’ve ever received. The idea that my eyesight was being affected by this disease was a big ol’ slap up side my head.  Hello Lori, what the fuck are you doing? Yes, I have very animated conversations with myself, at times.

I will NOT become dependent upon medication for the rest of my life, if possible.  I will teach myself the joy of taking care of myself; the  reliable control my blood glucose levels, cholesterol, and other health indicators through diet and exercise.  This ideal, after a lot of research; anecdotal and empirical in nature, became and still is my ultimate goal.

Now, how to do this…

Inspiration. I love my friends, and am so in their debt for the inspiration they provide me. My friend Candace, who is an amazing and beautiful friend, was and continues to do fantastic work to make herself the healthiest person she can be.  I follow her New Definitions Facebook and blog posts. I got the name of her personal trainer and began the hard work.  Now some of you may say… You did what? You didn’t go to the doctor. How could you be so irresponsible.

Very true, if you believe that western medication is the ONE and only way to treat ailments and conditions of the body. I don’t.  Besides, I did not have health insurance, and although I was making a good salary at the time, paying for insurance did not seem to be the next best step for me to take.  Additionally, I had NO assurance that letting a doctor decide my steps for a healthier me would solve the problem. So…. I paid, and I played.

In August 2011, at 280 lbs, blood sugar levels hovering around 450-600, I started working out with James Webb, a personal trainer; something that I’d never done before.  I also found a great yoga teacher.  So I was working out 6-7 days a week,  a minimum of 45 minutes each time, sometimes closer to 75 minutes.  I was eating great; lots of protein, lean & mean. Lots of veggies – I had salads coming outta my ears. Lots of fiber; it’s a good damn thing that I like beans & cereal.  Needless to say, it was amazing. I lost 45 lbs from August 2011 to January 2012. I became stronger and stronger each week, and the progress was visible, measurable, and hot damn i felt good.

In that time, my blood sugar readings went from 450+ on a regular basis to 200+, a 50% drop simply by exercising, eating a sensible and sustainable diet, and setting high enough goals for myself that I wouldn’t get bored outta my gourd with working out.

In January I enlisted several friends and friends of friends to join me in training for and participating in the Shape Diva Dash in April 2012. It’s an all-women’s, 5k, obstacle course.  I knew I would be walking the route, and told James my plans.  He tailored our sessions to make the most out of the functional fitness aspects of my workouts, and to give me more overall strength and endurance.  It worked great.

On the other hand, I also went to see an endocrinologist in February who put me on two types of insulin and a statin for high cholesterol.


The first prescription was for Lantus, and I took the shots each night as prescribed, but after 30 days didn’t do me much good, , so I stopped taking it.  The second is Novolog; which worked for me, and I have kept this one up through present day, as needed. This insulin shit is fucking expensive; $300 goddamn dollars for a 30 day supply of Lantus, and more for the Novolog.

As an aside, I’d also signed up for a type of pseudo health insurance for the self-employed… It sucks. It doesn’t cover any of the cost of prescriptions. Thankfully, the PA gave me several starter samples for both until I could get the prescription.

There was no way I could lay out over $800 per month for 2 types of insulin, needle tips for the pens, test strips for the glucose monitor, and all the other sundry expenses that go along with the modern prescribed management of Type II diabetes.  The blood sucking drug industry is getting fucking rich off of folks who 1) have no other option due to their type of diabetes and/or ability (home bound, lost a limb, etc); or (I’m gonna piss folks off here) sorry to say, are lazy and won’t get off their ass, put down the burger/pizza/beer/ice cream or your choice of poison, and go for a goddamn walk.

Well don’t look to me to add to your coffers.  Mine is bare, and when they are not, I’d rather spend the money on traveling, shoes, or something else besides goddamn insulin and shit.  Yeah, I’m probably being bull-headed, but I’m not letting this be the death of my life or my pocket-book. I know that there are other ways to deal with and manage this disease; and one that won’t bankrupt me and mine.

March 9th, 2012; I was laid off from my job; a contract position… Damn, so how do I continue with a successful but expensive health regimen? James and I discussed it. Based on outside training I was doing, we cut my session from 3/week to 2/week, something that I could afford for a short-term, and we continued workin’ it out!

April 21st rolls around.  I’ve lost a total of 53 lbs.  The day is clear and bright. I did it! I completed the Shape Diva Dash!  The whole damn thing, the obstacle course in 1 hr, 18 minutes.  I only skipped one obstacle because I had my iPhone with me, and it refused to go swimming with me.  Next time I’ll leave her behind, and go swimming.

May thru September, after the Diva Dash I stopped exercising regularly, I took several short trips around the country, and a small group on vacation to the Dominican Republic. Yeah baby! Had a fab time, and my blood glucose readings continued within normal ranges (90 – 120) and I had my first reading of below 100. WOOT!!

But the experiment in travel & no exercise really did me in. From May – August I’ve gained back 25 of 53 lbs I’d lost, and I feel like shit.  So my weight is managed best by a much higher level of exercise. June through September I’ve been traveling for work and have tumbled off and on the exercise wagon. The hot Texas summer sent me to the local pool, and I’ve been swimming, but this is obviously not enough.  I haven’t gained anymore, but I’ve not lost anything either…. Shit.

On the other hand, my blood glucose levels remain constant between 95 – 125 – Yay!!!

I test daily, and if my readings get really high, the highest since my trip to Dominican Republic was 167; I’ll take a shot of Novolog before I go to bed.

Now, I have more plans; plans within plans…

Lori???? Where is your crazy ass brain taking you Lori????

Can you say Triathlon???? OMFG, are you nuts? Lori, you don’t run. I know that, but I walk…. I swim, and I can ride a friggin’ bike goddamnit.

Ready for the next evolution? I hope you’ll tune in and come along for the ride, so to speak.

Thanks for reading!


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