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NanoWrimo is my life for the entire month of November. Like thousands of others around the world I’m writing 50K in 30 days for the novel writing effort named NanoWrimo. I found out about NanoWrimo back in 2006, and I have been tap, tap, tapping away on my lil’ o’Mac and I find myself behind by like 5 days worth of words.

I need your help folks! Give me challenges. I’m writing a bdsm/leather themed sci/fi-fantasy piece of literary fiction. What the hell is that you ask: well to be perfectly candid it’s leather sex is space. “Danger Will Robins!” Okay, yes, I went there.

Anyway, I’d love it if folks would chime in and give me extra challenges to exceed my self-imposed writer’s block.

Here is an excerpt:

“Alexandra returned to the sideboard, taking a sip of her wine, she once again lounged on her chaise.

Andreas massaged her wrists watching the catlike dance of a master negotiator. She had never anticipated being in this position when she joing the Wiu-Fong House, and now she was in the position of power in negotiations with the Mistress of House Vanelli.

“thank you for the offer. how long before I must give you my answer.”

Her pulse quickend, but Alexandra kept her gaze down on her hands admiring her hands and the new red coral piece which she was wearing.

Andreas had a flash of insight: here was no woman to tangle with. Having been at the receiving end this evening of her masterful plays, she was not sure that the offer was or wasn’t a golden opportunity. “How long is the initial term for?”

“The standard term is 370 calendar days from final execution of the instrument.”

Are there other blanket conditions?

I will have Paulina provide you with a pdf copy to review. Alexandra pushed one of the raised white buttons on her chaise, and a knock at the door was almost instantaneous. Alexandra contemplated this even more rapid response and was surprised that it was Elaine to enter and not Paulina, who followed not more than a few seconds behind.

“Please escort our guest to the Blue Room. Paulina, lower the pools temperature by 5 degrees, I’ll be down shortly.”

Paulina bowed to her mistress, and along with Elaine assisted Andreas out of the Crest dungeon.


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