Revelations from the FemmeVerse: Interview with Kenya Daugherty – founder: Femmes of Color Symposium

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Hello All,

 and welcome back!  This week is the 2nd Femmes of Color Symposium.  This year’s conference is a Gateway to  Action!   All about femmes of color and how we are making community and becoming our own best allies.  Come  see all the happening with a fun fierce group of femmes from all over the US and abroad.  Happenings and news  are guaranteed for this amazing event.  Friday is  an absolute bounty of femme performances, cause you know we  do it all: sexy shimmy, wordsmith’s to tantalize your brain, and tickle your senses.  Come check us out!

On the eve of what is sure to be an altogether amazing weekend, I had the great pleasure and privilege to interview the founder of the Femmes of Color Symposium, Ms. Kenya Simone Daugherty.  She is a northern-born yet southern-raised phat afri-native buddhist lesbian activist, idealist, womynist and bridge builder.  

A 2nd generation femme cultivating ties within and acting as a catalyst for her various communities
by creating femme space within the greater LGBTQ community.  THE FEMMESPOT, a femme community
is just one of her early creations; 6 years of coordinating the people of color gatherings for one of the largest LGBTonline sites is another accomplishment of this Renaissance Femme.  She founded HIRSHE — an
online femme/butch of color community, she presented at the 1998 femme conference, was a member of the steering committee and presented at the femme 2006 conference.  Now she comes full circle and is the conference chair for the Femme of Color Symposium 2011 .

Take a listen, and then come join us for a wonderful weekend in Oakland with the Femmes of Color Symposium 2011.

We look forward to seeing you there.


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