To say good bye to workin’ for da man, I’ve got to show up!

Posted: 0 23rd July, 2011 in The business of Entrepreneurship

I’ve read, re-read, listened to the Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss for the last 4 years.  I’ve got podcasts, blogs, and vlogs that I’m subscribed to.  I’m not very different from thousands of others stuck in procrastination nation, suffering from “muse block”, but ultimately still intrigued, awe-struck, and most definitely obsessed with the ideas purported by Tim in his best-selling book “The 4Hr Work Week. Escape 9 to 5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich“.

First off Tim did an amazing job of choosing a title.  Who doesn’t want to  escape 9-5, and live how and where of their choosing?  The idea is absolutely delicious. It gives me chills, and my brain spirals out to: I walk into an airport, and look at the outbound flights, close my eyes “eenie meenie, minie, moh! I’ll go… there!


I know. To work less than 4 hours per week based through online businesses with muse products working towards a lifestyle designed for living. It’s preposterous, right? I don’t thinks so.  I’m committing myself to work the ideas, steps and concepts from the book and share my experiences here.  Part of winning means showing up, so I am putting myself out in the world.  This is my way of keeping myself accountable, to take action.  As a 9-5, non-management employee I continue to wonder truthfully if I can make this dream a reality.

So, join me here for the process.  How I manage, design & find tips and tricks towards liberation from you, fellow lifestyle designers and enthusiasts.  I want to hear your thoughts, about your ideas, your successes or success stories you’ve found online.  Don’t forget the challenges, because I know I learn from both challenges to success and the easy times.

Comments, are very welcome and encouraged. Please keep it uplifting, creative & constructive.  I’m all about the positive, the honey to draw the bees and the glass is always half-full.  If you don’t like the book, or the topics of these posts, please press next and move to the next blog.

We’re going to leave the negative self-talk at the door, and halt dead in its tracks the phase of “Firepower up the wazoo and no trigger finger” as Tim says.  I’m cocked and ready to shoot!


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